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I’m a Financial Therapist & Licensed Psychotherapist… but not one of those boring therapists who puts you on a couch and asks you how you feel. I write a crush worthy newsletter called THE COMFY COUCH, where I dish on my latest financial crush and offer inspirational ideas for dating your money, dealing with business drama, and making more money in fun, pleasurable ways.

If you’re an entrepreneur, coach, therapist, or creative business woman, you know that growing a business can be a bumpy ride. I created BUSINESS THERAPY to help you deal with the inevitable business blues, like rejection, imposter syndrome, and feeling “SO behind” so you can keep sharing your gifts with the world- without sacrificing your sanity.

H E Y T H E R E !

I’m Nicole.

I’m also the creator of MONEY THERAPY, which teaches women entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives how to transform their toxic relationship with money into a steamy love affair, make more profits, and manage money like a boss- with a side of vanilla lattes and double stuffed Oreos.

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Want to make more money but don’t know how? Hungry for a passion-filled relationship with money? Feeling like your business is barely surviving while everyone else’s biz is thriving? I serve up advice on all that and more on my BLOG.

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Ready to go big in your business and make the kind of money you know you deserve? Obsessed with paying off all that debt so you can sleep at night? Tired of wasting money on #alltheshiny things? Ready to feel SOOO confident in your work that clients can’t help but notice you? WORK WITH ME. I can help.

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