H E Y L O V E !

Have we met yet?

Hi! I’m Nicole Iacovoni – a Financial Therapist and Licensed Psychotherapist with 17 years experience.

I help women entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives heal their relationship with money, overcome self doubt, rejection, and other business bloopers, make more profits, and manage money in fun, flirty (and strategic) ways – without giving up all of life’s guilty pleasures. 

And I'm also the girl who...

…devours self-improvement books while savoring hot vanilla lattes, spends days and days gardening and tending to the animals on my little “farm-ette”, and binge watches Adam Sandler movies with my two spirited daughters…

Because that’s what it means to me to live RICH.

People come to me when they’re feeling tired of drowning in debt despite all their best efforts to get their spending habits under control…

…when they want to make more profits in their business without using sleazy sales tactics or forcing themselves to work 60 hours a week…

…when they want to end money drama and finally have calm, constructive money talks with their partner/clients/friends/family…

…when they feel so frustrated, overwhelmed, over-worked, and defeated in their business that they’re tempted to give up on their dreams. 

My zone of genius is empowering business babes to feel more confident in their financial decisions, experience a fun, flirty relationship with their money, set swoon-worthy prices that boost profits, develop wicked money management ninja skills, and conquer all the icky feelings standing in the way of massive success.

Here's the full story
on my professional life...

I have a 17+ year background in psychology and am a licensed psychotherapist. I’ve spent most of my career in private practice providing individual and couple’s therapy to clients. I’ve owned and operated a successful holistic wellness center for the past 8 years and have helped almost 1,000 clients transform their lives.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned as a therapist and entrepreneur to help other women entrepreneurs build businesses that are fun, successful, and make a positive impact in the world- while creating money, freedom, and joy in their lives.

At one point, I was $87,000 in debt and losing money in my business EVERY DAY. After a *HUGE* sob fest, I started applying the strategies and techniques I use in couple’s therapy to my relationship with money… which resulted in paying off all my debt in just 2 YEARS and multiplying my income x 5 in eight months!…and since then, I’ve been helping other women do the same.

When I’m not working with clients, I write books.  I’m currently working on a new book, Money Therapy: How a Couple’s Therapist Became Her Own Client,  Started a Love Affair with Money that Transformed Her Life & Now Teaches Others to Do the Same, and it’s one of my favorite projects!

Curious to know more?

Here are a few more facts about me...


I used to be a police officer and had big dreams of working for the FBI as a criminal profiler. Only problem was I effing hated being a cop. It’s depressing.


I’m completely obsessed with my german-shepherd mix, Clover. She goes everywhere with me- work, the grocery store, camping, long walks. She makes my life a gazillion times happier. And her ears make me laugh!


My two, strong-willed daughters are the perfect blend of myself and my husband… which makes me both pull my hair out and feel so incredibly lucky to be their mama. (P.S. Shout out to all the Mama Warriors out there!)


I frequently jam out to 80’s and 90’s music with seriously wicked dance parties in my living room – and I don’t care who’s watching!


I’m a complete nerd about budgeting, being thrifty, bargain hunting, price haggling, and getting the biggest bang for your buck… AND I love sharing all my money-saving tips with my tribe.


One of my guilty pleasures is spending leisurely days at home (a little “farm-ette”) where I can watch the chickens free-range, get my hands dirty in the garden, and soak up the fresh air and sunshine.


My favorite pass-time is working on DIY projects. My husband and I have renovated FOUR homes together, remodeled a motorhome, and built our own garden… and we’re just getting started!


I’m living proof that you can build a profitable business doing work you love, live debt free, and develop a relationship with money that feel as fun and flirty as a hot date with your celebrity crush – without hustling, grinding, and slaving away in your biz!

Thanks for reading!

I’m so happy you’re here.

Grab a vanilla latte (or drink of your choice), a cozy blanket, and dig into a wealth of binge-worthy money and business advice over here on my BLOG.

If you’re ready to make some serious biz & money moves, WORK WITH ME.

xo, Nicole