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Nicole Iacovoni is a thought-provoking guest with an outside-the-box perspective on money.

Audiences swoon over her approach to thinking about money in a fun, flirty way and eat up her advice on increasing profits and managing money with skill.

Nicole is available for interviews, profiles and expert commentary.
She can be reached directly at nicole@nicoleiacovoni.com.

Nicole Iacovoni is a Financial Therapist and a Licensed Psychotherapist with 17 years experience providing therapy to clients at her holistic wellness center based in Northeast Pennsylvania. 

In her online business, she writes a crush-worthy newsletter called The Comfy Couch, where she dishes on her latest financial crush and offers inspirational ideas for lovin’up on your money and ending business drama.

Her signature program, Money Therapy, teaches you how to transform your relationship with money into a steamy love affair built to last a lifetime. 

She’s been featured in CNBC, Business Insider, Up Journey, Insider, and Hello Giggles.

When she’s not empowering women to deepen their relationship with money, earn their worth and manage money like a boss, you can find her snuggling with her dog, devouring self-help books and sipping on vanilla lattes. Feel more confident & cozy with your money right away by downloading Nicole’s free “Date Your Money” planner.

Some topics Nicole can cover include:

: Healing your relationship with money (“Date Your Money”)

: Money management strategies

: Money mindset

: Increasing business profits and setting prices/rates

: Navigating conversations about money with your partner

: Consumerism, neuromarketing and spending habits

: Mental and emotional health

: Business strategy and growth

: Emotional journey of entrepreneurship

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Contact Nicole at nicole@nicoleiacovoni.com for a copy of her media kit or to discuss your interview, profile, or commentary needs.