with me!

I get it. Peeling back the layers of your finances and navigating the emotional roller coaster ride of running a business can feel nauseating.

But I’m here to serve as your money fairy godmother… your business bestie… a trusted guide who’ll add a dash of sparkle, a dose of fun, and a whole heap of help so your dreams become reality.

How can I help you love up on your money and your business? Let me count the ways…

I'm your money fairy godmother, biz bestie, and trusted guide to add a dash of sparkle, a dose of fun, and a whole heap of help to make your dreams become reality!



The Price Is (Just) Right is a digital workbook for entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches, and creatives who want to set prices for their products and services that feel comfy and cozy to them and their clients… and feel confident that they’re worth every penny!

If you’re looking for a formula to help you set rates that reflect the skill, experience, and expertise you have to offer while showing your clients and customers that your offerings are so valuable that they’re eager and willing to hand over their cash, this workbook will help you do just that!


Business Therapy is an online group mastermind for entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches, and creatives who want to turn their entrepreneurial frustrations and business blues into inspiration, creativity, and goal-getting.

Being a business owner can be hard AF – tempting you to give up, ugly cry into your coffee, and go get a J.O.B. with a steady paycheck. This program helps you overcome feelings of overwhelm, imposter syndrome, frustration, rejection, and fear so you can do the important work you were put on this earth to do while making a great living at it. Videos, worksheets, journaling prompts, and group Q&A calls included. 



Online Program

A Year of Weekly Therapy Sessions for You + Your Money to Build a Love Affair that Lasts a Lifetime 

Transform your love/hate relationship with money into a steamy love affair, wipe out debt, break through the earnings ceiling and gain financial control and confidence in this online program that includes group support and expert advice from an experienced financial therapist.

In this program, you will get in control of your spending and stop living paycheck to paycheck, see tending to your money as something fun and flirty so you stop brushing your finances under the rug, feel more confident talking honestly about money with your partner, and wipe out debt and save for your future so you can live the life you want. More time. More freedom. More financial security. 

Enrollment opens each year in February and classes kick-off the beginning of March. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to hop on the waiting list to get the exclusive details first.


Vip 1:1 Coaching

1-on-1 Money Mentoring + Business Strategy to Transform Your Business & Financial Life.

Feel in control of your spending, make more PROFITS in your biz, end money shame for good and have empowered discussions about money in this VIP intensive 1:1 coaching experience with a legit financial therapist.

Discuss your money goals, plan fun money dates, work through complicated feelings about money, create new services and prices, break through the limiting beliefs that keep you from scaling your business, and more!

Whatever you want to work on- be it a debt payoff plan, spending plan, or how to transform your biz into a money-making machine that everyone raves about— you’ll have expert guidance and undivided attention in Money Therapy VIP



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